ISKaM accommodation system

Once logged in, clients can access their account, make basic settings, and keep track of their accommodation, receivables and payments. They can also make direct payments through the payment gateway.

You can also apply for a dormitory on specific dates.

Applying for halls of residence for the academic year 2024/2025

  • 1.5. - 30.6.2024 Students enrolling to 2nd and higher years of studies or students entering the 1st year of follow-up master studies or doctoral studies
  • 1.7. - 25.8.2024 First Years of Bachelor's and First Year of Master's Studies (Teacher Training for Primary Schools)
  • 1.7. - 25.8.2024 Second round of dormitory applications for upperclassmen

Complete information can be found in the documents "Schedule for Submitting Applications", "Booking deposit" and "Information on Accommodation for the First Years"

We allow two methods of login

TUL Central Account - active students
Local account - former / future students


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